Pu Luoong nature reserve is connected with the tail part of CUC Phuong National Park by two gray limestone mountains run parallel. In between is the Valley of rice abundant and a quiet village. The forest in Puerto Luoong also be preserved quite well with the rich vegetation, there are many ancient trees.
Top Puerto Luoong 1700 meters high vợi great clouds of heaven is located on the Thanh Sơn. Next is the broad Delivery, Kim forest deep in the mountains of the vọoc species have white shorts live-a type of animal in the Red Book in Vietnam.

In Luang Pu mat, although going by any way the most impressive image is always the brilliant color array of the fields, in the middle is red soil roads zigzag line. Rice with undulating stone inserts on the mountain slopes, the chen with Palm areca catechu. If go right Luoong harvest, Pu will happy with pleasure kĩu turn dark fiber to her son about the paddy brought burden.
Rice in Puerto Luoong not cultivated at the same time should bring many state roads, rice on the Han are the Green speckled, pale afternoon sunshine as yellow, shiny nine gold flaming at all about, sporadically have the rice achieved just inert stalk twine, reveal about the wet brown Earth.

The way (only for reference):

-The supply route for trekking include: Muong Kho-Doan is most beautiful Palace, the 10 km long, small winding trails follow the slopes of the mountain, majestic views and wildlife, sometimes back several streams crossing the road. The early morning dew, la da on the Valley, the sun filled blisters peaks, wind se se conditioning threaded through the canopy. If the right Union City markets (meeting on Saturday and Sunday) will meet Thai, Muong go East market as expensive dresses, cửi chen with cone bearing trade, among other things.
-You can also follow other lines of supply is the city of the tunnels, a Hin, a Nủa in the High Valley Township. This way low, flat and can run your car if desired. A would also have a few eco-service.Flowers bloom along the railings, gates, peri, filled the aisle, spills tense vitality.
-Can start the trip from a Đuổm, a Cave, a Kến Waist or fork, Muong Kho would irreversibly start to Pa to a lying deeper in the mountains. The village is based on back mountain, based on the hills of lush palm trees and overlooking the Valley of velvety rice mats beneath the House.
-Also add an interesting selection from City Unions is going trekking about 8 km to a Waist of mine in the ancient Valley. The go on very steep Pipe, Waist heaving rocks, through the forest stream. The thin bamboo bridge by tang Chong the difference allows the horizontal line of the North is weak, especially in many of the streams beside water cọn nom very peaceful and calming. A is very high on the mountain, if going to the last currency will meet many flower poinsettia Crimson.
-From a Nủa if there is more time, population of trekking will continue to go deeper to a high of Hoong and a most beautiful version, are two Kits in Puerto Luoong with the roof the floor lying on the slopes of the mountain, and in the Palm of palms, between the mountain and the wild. From Muong Repository also has its way to a Nủa loss of a two-hour walk.
-A different way or are people going trekking tradition is the city of the tunnels, a Hin, a Nủa in the High Valley Township. This way low, flat and can run your car if desired. A would also have a few eco-service.

Luang Pu mat, with a reminder to all those who already know and not know, must be the first thing people think of will be the rice terraced rice fields, stretches on roads, across the villages, hamlets.Not really magnificent as Jasmine or Tu, not towering sight as Y Ty or Sapa … terraced Pu Luoong graceful beauty inherent characteristic of Thanh Hoa. that is the picture obviously tied to the winding streams, the stronghold of bamboo, the spillway, the roof deck, the bamboo bridge shake the Snitch and turns the water …

But the most impressive thing about Pu Luoong not Vietnamese dance is the rice terraces. 2 years, 2 times to Luang Pu mat, what really made me feel interested in Pu mat Luong, is simply the dirt roads, also by new land routes only, for me the true shape of the countryside. and to me, by definition, this village is slowly being lost